[BUG] [OSX] SpectrumAnalyzer falls down and other problems with 3.2 gamma

John M McIntosh johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com
Sun Apr 14 00:03:52 UTC 2002

>I tried also to load some Mpeg but this was not working. Is it a 
>problem with this VM?

As far as I've been told, this should work ok. Ensure you are using 
the right plugin for the right VM. Also the plugin must be in the 
same folder as the VM.

Dump some diagnostics to confirm the plugin is actually loading.

At 8:59 PM +0200 4/13/02, stephane ducasse (home) wrote:
>I started to convert all my demo material on 3.2. I started to use Mac OSX,
>  3.2gamma (4811), and VM Squeak 3.2.6Beta8. I got the following 
>problem: the spectrumAnalyzer just starts to work really slowly then 
>blocks completely the system.

Out of curiosity I did go and look to see if there is a malloc leak. 
Apple's tools report no such issue. I ran it for a while and didn't 
see anything abnormal. However I suspect there is something afoot, 
once I tried it and Morphic got real slow and locked up.

However I suspect this points to a smalltalk issue. Also check to see 
if the data coming back in the buffers isn't zero. There have been 
some reported issued with the underlying api and it fails to return 
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