Unsuccesfull font-support on Linux

Martin Drautzburg martin.drautzburg at web.de
Sun Apr 14 07:05:19 UTC 2002

Ned Konz <ned at bike-nomad.com> writes:

> Just open the debugger, and remove the offending setHelpFor:string: 
> call from the method. Then proceed.

I did that. But it does not quite work. 

Colors in Menus

        When I try to set the Appearence/SystemFonts/MenuFont the text
        in the menu with the point sizes has a blue background. When
        the mouse moves over it it changes between grey and blue at no
        obvious pattern.

        The world menu itself shows a similar strange color pattern
        after its font has been set to an AA font.

Ballon help

        When I set the default text front to an AA font, the ballon
        help shows black bars instead of text. When I set the balloon
        font to an AA font too it works.

List background

        When I set the list font to an AA font the background is white
        (not transparent). The default text font (the code in the
        browser) however does appear transparent when set to an AA font.

I have noticed all of the above on my Windows box at work so I am
amazed that Maarten reports more success. I did not notice any of
these problems on a 3.0 image, only on 3.2.

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