[Q] Making a button immune to mouse clicks

Alan Kay Alan.Kay at squeakland.org
Mon Apr 15 01:11:18 UTC 2002

Also, you can drag any button by doing cmd-drag ...




At 11:52 AM -0700 4/14/02, Ned Konz wrote:
>On Sunday 14 April 2002 11:22 am, Martin Drautzburg wrote:
>>  I believe, if I want to be able to drag I cannot have the button
>>  respond to a single click because a drag always starts with a
>>  click. So I'd have to use doubleClick to expand/collapse. Right ?
>No. You can separately receive click and startDrag events. You get a
>click before you get a doubleClick event. Try this in a Workspace:
>m _ Morph new.
>m on: #click send: #value to: [ m color: Color red ].
>m on: #startDrag send: #value to: [ m color: Color orange. ActiveHand
>grabMorph: m ].
>m on: #doubleClick send: #value to: [ m color: Color green ].
>m openInHand.
>>  I don't want to use the halo for dragging.
>That's understandable.
>>  Some things I don't understand yet:
>>  do submorphs always appear *above* its owning morph ?
>Depends on how you implement fullDrawOn: . You could re-implement it
>and go the other way; the default version in Morph draws the parent
>>  If an area is covered by a morph and a sumborph which one will
>>  receive the mouse events ?
>Depends. There is mouseDownPriority that can be used to tweak this.
>Ned Konz


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