[Squeakfoundation]Squeak Demo Kit Ready ;)

stephane ducasse (home) ducasse at iam.unibe.ch
Mon Apr 15 06:32:30 UTC 2002


> 	Where can I find these scripts for loading and unloading (?)
> stuff ?

I was too lazzy to code something to automatically load the set of 
If you go for example in Midi you will see how to invoke it with a file, 
this is the same for the MPEG player.

I put such information because you can lose a lot of time to find the 
right method, and I forget them all the time. This way all the information 
is on the project.

> 	I am also trying to load the projects in the demo package into
> the MiniMorphic.image.
> 	Apparently, the filelist in the MiniMorphic.image doesn't know
> how to load project.
> 	Is there anyway I can use your enhanced filelist with this
> MiniMorphic.image to load these projects one by one.
I do not know

> 	BTW, by any chance you have a version of this package with the
> latest version of Stable Squeak together with the latest and greatest
> Ginsu at that time (ESUG last september). That would make a good
> collector item. ;-)

The code is available at squeakFoundation but Stable Squeak is dead and 
also. Joseph is implementing Ginsu for Dolphin now but he is payed. This 
is not a real problem this is just that he thought we were rich and also 
that the community never really understood Ginsu.

> 	I tried to navigate through this 45Meg image and couldn't locate
> Henrik's module stuff.

This is not. This is a 3.2 image. I did not wanted to try yet in 3.3alpha.
I wanted to take one problem at the time and have a solid basis for 
demoing ;)

By the way could you try the spectrum analyser : go to the project, create 
and start. Wait 2 s and is your image still ok?

> 	It must certainly be somewhere in there together with your and
> others' enhancements :-)

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