[Q] win32 VM & plugins for 3.2 (second call)

Andreas Raab Andreas.Raab at gmx.de
Mon Apr 15 10:42:48 UTC 2002

> Hi, For my current project I need a consistent set of VM and 
> plugins (for Windows) that work with image version 3.2. Can 
> anyone tell me where from I can download these components, or 
> otherwise state that they are not available?


should give you everything you need.

> I did ask for the same information in a posting last week, 
> but only got one reply suggesting I compile from the sources 
> at sourceforge. Unfortunately I'm not in the position to 
> compile for Windows. 

I checked this thread and it seems that you had some problem with the
MPEG player. I've been using the MPEG plugin with all Squeak versions
and it works just fine. You should check two things though:
#1 Make sure the MPEG file is read-write
Yes, it's stupid but I found that at times you can run into problems if
it isn't.
#2 If you use the MPEG player programmatically, you _ABSOLUTELY_ must
make sure that you give it a _FULL_ path name. There's a bug in the MPEG
open code which does not query for the full name and because of this,
the MPEG plugin may look in the wrong directory (noticable on XP, 2K,
and some other Windows variants). In order to get the right behavior,
change any code that uses, e.g.,
	myFile := MPEGFile openFile: 'mumble.mpg'.
	myFile := MPEGFile openFile: (FileDirectory default fullNameFor:

  - Andreas

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