[Newbie]Trying to save/restore SqueakLogo

Maarten Maartensz maartens at xs4all.nl
Mon Apr 15 14:50:10 UTC 2002

Hello Jean,

You wrote:

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Just a newbie stumbling around, trying hard but finally giving up...

Wanted to get rid of the "moving eyes" SqueakLogo thingy, but wanted to be 
able to get it back again someday, maybe.
Finally tried the following, with poor results. Tried to browse around, 
inspect, explore, etc. but after scratching head for hours and risking 
blindness, decided to pester the list to see if I'm hopelessly insane or 
stupid, or whether there's a "bug" (nah, couldn't be) keeping me from my 

Tried saving the existing SqueakLogo FlashCharacterMorph as follows:
SqueakLogo -> cmd-click -> halos -> menu -> debug... -> save morph in file
(saved to "my FlashCharacterMorph.morph")

Tried to load it back in (presumably as another copy) like this:
World -> new morph... -> from a file...
(selected "my FlashCharacterMorph.morph")

Got this nice "error window" to which I responded "Abandon."
MessageNotUnderstood: restoreEndianness

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I tried this out on my Squeak 3.2gamma #4823 and got the same result (and I
saved it under a proper filename).

However .... there are some workarounds for what you want. Here are three
of them:

(1) collapse it (use the collapse halo button)
(2) hide it (use the viewer halo button; click to the miscellaneous menu;
click hide)

The last option is undone by doing the same except for click show).
However, in both cases you got something left  on the screen. Third
possibility (that I often use, since it is very convenient)

(3) make your own flap, open it, pick up the morph by its black drag halo
button, dump in flap, close flap.

Now it is away from your screen and you can get it back by reversing the
above. You can make your own flap by way of the flaps option in the World
Menu. This is convenient anyway and allows you a screen which has precisely
the things on it you want to see, and have the rest available in the flap
you made for quick restoration.



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