[Newbie]Trying to save/restore SqueakLogo

Scott Wallace scott.wallace at squeakland.org
Mon Apr 15 16:16:39 UTC 2002

Two more alternatives to consider here:

(I) If you have the "preserveTrash" preference set to true, then just 
dismiss the Squeak Logo with the pink X halo handle.  The logo will 
vanish from the screen but will be preserved in the "trash", from 
whence you can retrieve it at leisure, by simply opening the trash 
(double-click any trash-can), finding the object you want, and 
dragging it out.

(II) Another alternative is to store a reference to the logo in a 
variable somewhere -- any kind of durable variable that you can hold 
on to: e.g. global variable, instance variable, workspace variable, 
project parameter, world "property" -- and later use that variable to 
get the object back.

For example (using a global variable,) open an Inspector on the 
Squeak Logo morph, and in it type the following expression:

     Smalltalk at: #SqueakLogo put: self

Now you can delete the eager-eyed mouse, and then, later, if you want 
to get it back, simply evaluate

    SqueakLogo openInWorld

   -- Scott

At 4:50 PM +0200 4/15/02, Maarten Maartensz wrote:
>.... there are some workarounds for what you want. Here are three
>of them:
>(1) collapse it (use the collapse halo button)
>(2) hide it (use the viewer halo button; click to the miscellaneous menu;
>click hide)
>The last option is undone by doing the same except for click show).
>However, in both cases you got something left  on the screen. Third
>possibility (that I often use, since it is very convenient)
>(3) make your own flap, open it, pick up the morph by its black drag halo
>button, dump in flap, close flap.

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