Newbie questions (advocacy included)

Gary Fisher gafisher at
Mon Apr 15 20:02:55 UTC 2002

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From: "jennyw" <jennyw at>
> Strange. One of the things I thought was interesting about Squeak was that
> two of the core developers are women.  When I was programming in Smalltalk
> (about 10 years ago) I remember seeing women's names, like Adele Goldberg
> and Rebecca Wirfs-Brock(sp?).  I have always been under the impression
> there are more women involved in Smalltalk than many other languages.
> Jen

I suspect there are a great many Squeakers who aren't on this list, and many
on this list who haven't posted.  From the beginning women have been at the
center of Smalltalk development and implementation, and there is simply no
reason to believe Squeak doesn't share the same demographics.  I'd agree
with Goran in wishing this list demonstrated more of the equality it
probably could, but I'd disagree that the preponderance of male names seen
on postings here demonstrates a male bias among the Squeak community nor
even on the list.


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