IconicButton and Events

Stef Telford stef at chronozon.artofdns.com
Mon Apr 15 20:23:22 UTC 2002

	>         Okay, barring the fact that its not the worlds
	> most awe inspiring nor amazing piece of code (the variables
	> are mainly there as its being tested in a workspace), is that
	> the 'cleanest' way to add an event into an Instance of
	> a pre-defined Morph at 'creation' time ?

	Maybe I'm missing something, but haven't you already answered your own

	You can plug the response of these buttons using


Ah yes, thank you for the example ned, am one of those
people who learns more by looking at example code than
any other way. 

As for answering my own question, whelp, yes - guess 
that did happen :)


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