ImageSegment howto?

Brian T. Rice water at
Tue Apr 16 06:26:24 UTC 2002

Hi all,
I'm looking to develop some large-scale applications that use 
ImageSegments to load in and out large data repositories quickly. This 
is not supposed to be a fancy application or use of ImageSegments.

I searched the Squeak Swiki for some little howto's, but the only 
relevant thing is how to make export segments, not normal segments.

So here's my question: I have a set of data files that I distribute with 
my program, and which have been massaged into a format ready for Squeak 
but not necessarily as a SmartRefStream directly, so that I can use 
other tools to work with them if I must. What's the process for getting 
this data into the image, and then setting things up so that I can just 
run a script to off-load the segment and reload it? I'm specifically 
interested in what rules there are to follow, and what issues can 
complicate the process, because I want this to be automatic and not 
complex (O(n) if possible). If it's short and sweet, I would submit this 
as a candidate for the Swiki as a HowTo make simple ImageSegments that 
do what you want, or a revision to the class comment.

I understand that The Modules Are Coming, but that will be a few months 

Thanks in advance,

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