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Maarten Maartensz maartens at xs4all.nl
Tue Apr 16 11:34:16 UTC 2002


George Hagn wrote:

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I have installed squeak 3.1 under Linux 8.0 and win98. On win98 the
right-mouse-button click shows the expected menu, on Linux the same action
shows the halo of the main-window. How get I the expected menu with the
riht-mouse-button-click. (I have only a 2-button mouse)

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I don't run Linux but you possibly you into a problem I ran into myself on
Win98 some time ago: 

I had the problematic mouse-behaviour you mention with Win98, and it turned
out that I had unwittingly modified the Squeak.ini file. To get the right
mouse behaviour on my system the last lines should read:


You can edit the Squeak.ini file with a simple text-editor. 

I ran into problems on Win98 after I had right-clicked on the topline in
Windows, which pops up a menu that includes "VM Preferences" which includes
"Mouse Mapping" with two options "1 Button Mouse" and "3  Button Mouse" and
 clicked on 3 Button Mouse.

To get the right behaviour of my mouse I had to edit the Squeak.ini file to
have the above two lines after which everything ran on my system as it
should and did before.



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