O'Reilly Squeak book?

Cees de Groot cg at cdegroot.com
Tue Apr 16 18:49:34 UTC 2002

John Hinsley <johnhinsley at blueyonder.co.uk> said:
>Working with a smaller publisher might obviate some of the lead time issues
>Ned comments on.
O'Reilly *is* a small publisher. They just manage to avoid spitting out
loads of crap as publishers like IDC or MacMillan like to do, so they
have HUGE visibility, especially among geeks. But if you look at their
actual catalogue, they are small fish in the IT publishing world.

Gee, as far as I know Tim personally signs every author contract ;-)

>But I think something of the scope Cees and Alan have in mind would be
The magnificence lying especially in the mindshare value of a Squeak
book with a pencil-drawn animal on the cover. Strange world, not?

BTW: maybe two books/volumes would be in order. I'm staring at "LaTeX:
A Document Preparation System" and "The LaTeX Companion" sitting on
my bookshelf, if you can follow me there.

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