How much grid support do we want in Squeak?

Ned Konz ned at
Tue Apr 16 19:01:01 UTC 2002

On Tuesday 16 April 2002 11:16 am, I wrote:

> I think there is a bug in gridFormOrigin:grid:background:line: but
> haven't had a chance to look at it very far.

No, there was a bug in PasteUpMorph>>drawOn: and I posted a fix.

Anyway, I'm a bit puzzled as to exactly how much gridding support is 
wanted or needed in Squeak.

Very few things actually respect the grid; among these are the drag 
halo, the grow halo, and resizing via resizeMorph: (called from the 
Morph meta-menu). And dragging PolygonMorph vertices but only if the 
PolygonMorph is not curved.

On the other hand, common options like dropping Morphs on the 
playfield don't respect the grid. Except for PolygonMorphs, which do.

SystemWindows arrange their collapsed positions on an 8x8 grid, 
regardless of the prevailing world grid.

SelectionMorph motion respects the grid.

I find the grid useful when making drawings, and my Connectors objects 
generally respect the grid when dropped. The connectors themselves 
also respect the grid when you drag ends or vertices (though maybe 
the dragging should be smooth and the gridding should just happen on 
the drop.)

But I've had to make SketchMorph subclasses that would snap to the 
grid when dropped (I need to make sure that fixed attachment points 
like in schematic symbols line up with the grid).

I'm willing to make other common operations respect the grid, but 
would like to know how far I should go. I could see a per-Project 
Preference that would make dropped Morphs position themselves on the 
grid (perhaps at the center or a corner, depending on which is 

What do you think?
Ned Konz

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