O'Reilly Squeak book?

Cees de Groot cg at cdegroot.com
Tue Apr 16 21:54:28 UTC 2002

Doug Way <dway at riskmetrics.com> said:
>I think there's already been an O'Reilly book with a field mouse
>or somesuch on the cover, so I'd like to see something like a white
>laboratory mouse.  It would fit in well with Squeak's and Smalltalk's
>research origins. :) >

Hmm. "Research causes cancer in mice", is the sort of association I would get
from that ;-)

>On a more serious note, if an O'Reilly book is actually going to be
>written, someone will have to step forward as a potential author... a
>group of enthusiastic but uncommitted Squeakers isn't going to be
>sufficient.  Randal Schwartz, author of Learning Perl (one of the most
>popular O'Reilly books) is a member of this list and has mentioned the
>possibility of writing an O'Reilly Squeak book in the past, but I thought
>that the last time he checked, O'Reilly wasn't interested. (although
>this may have been a few years ago) >
Well, first off: O'Reilly still isn't interested. Or I'm just very bad at
writing elevator-pitch-length proposals. It doesn't fit in their product line
they just told me. 

I've always wanted to write a book, but never have seen a project that
would be worth the effort. The closest I came to starting a book was
with Jini, but all the publishers were interested in was re-writes of
the documentation by Sun. Nothing, err, 'esoteric'. A Squeak book might
be a worthwhile thing to pursue...

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