Spreading Smalltalk

Ned Konz ned at bike-nomad.com
Wed Apr 17 04:14:38 UTC 2002

On Tuesday 16 April 2002 01:24 pm, Volker Nitsch wrote:
> little wish: a browse which understands
>  doSomethingWith: this and: that
> instead of doSomethingWith:and: .
> would speed up examining source.

Hmm.. that works in 3.2.
I put my cursor in a line that reads:

	targets isEmpty ifFalse: [ targets _ targets copyFrom: 1 to: 1 ].

and hit alt-M and I see the three implementors of ifFalse:

If I highlight 
 targets _ targets copyFrom: 1 to: 1 
targets copyFrom: 1 to: 1 
copyFrom: 1 to: 1 

and hit alt-M I see the implementors of copyFrom:to:

> And browseable little examples instead of apis.

There's a lot of running code in the image that can be browsed. There 
are full-scale games, authoring environments, mail reader, web 
server, web browser, etc. all ready to be browsed.

> "I had seen a similar field and browsed a bit" seems to be the
> squeakish way?

That's probably true.

Ned Konz

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