O'Reilly Squeak book?

stephane ducasse (home) ducasse at iam.unibe.ch
Wed Apr 17 06:41:38 UTC 2002

On Tuesday, April 16, 2002, at 05:05  PM, Cees de Groot wrote:

> Just on c.l.s., there's talk on why there's no O'Reilly book on Smalltalk 
> and
> how that would help acceptance (anything that comes with an "animal book"
>  is
> instantly taken serious). Although I responded that it would be hard (no
> single Smalltalk product is probably big enough to warrant a book, and a 
> book
> that would talk about all implementations would be - by necessity - too 
> vague
> for O'Reilly), it might be worth trying to draft up a proposal to 
> O'Reilly for
> a Squeak book. They've published funkier stuff, and it might be a big 
> boost...
> Would it be an idea to try to collect a small group of people to work on 
> a
> proposal?

I'm ready to review it.
Because I'm reading a lot of book proposal. You should really position the 
book against its competitors.

By a Book: Smalltalk for the Java Programmer is still missing. We were 
thinking to try but I have another book to give birth .....

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