HooRay! iPAQ Squeaking!

Russell Allen russell.allen at firebirdmedia.com
Wed Apr 17 06:59:00 UTC 2002

I recently discovered that I desperately needed a good PDA to organise
my hectic professional life, and so was forced against my will to buy an
iPAQ.  Image my suprise when I found out that my new business tool could
also run Squeak! :) 

So far I have downloaded the TinySqueak.image and Yoshiki's WinCE VM. 
Here are some preliminary things I noticed:

*  I have an iPAQ 3850, and am using the VM without GAPI support
because, as indicated, the other VM crashes

*  I haven't had any luck getting the VM to run my standard image (it
just quits without an error message).  Is this a memory issue or
something else?

*  Haven't yet looked into Genie, been too happy playing around with
full cursive recognition - just like being back in Newtonland, but

* How do I get the menus and halos from my second and third mousebutton?

* Changing the size of windows puts Squeak into some sort of weird state
where I can't stop changing the size, and without Crt-. I end up having
to kill the VM :(

* Is it possible to go "Full screen" under WinCE, or must I put up with
the little bar down the bottom of the screen?

* The speed of the software is suprisingly fast - I was bracing myself
for something much slower!

* Is there any PIM software for Squeak?   The ideal software would use
the same datastructure as the existing PDA morph, but be viewable and
editable in 320x240

* Ditto for a class browser

* We need some smaller fonts for menus, browsers etc

* What do other squeakers with iPAQs use them for?  

This is Fun with a capital F!


Russell Allen

russell.allen at firebirdmedia.com


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