Good LISP steals?

goran.hultgren at goran.hultgren at
Wed Apr 17 08:27:53 UTC 2002

There are a few LISPers on this list and I Schemed in school and liked
it a lot. :-)

My personal view is that I am aware that CLOS probably is the most
advanced OOP (well, there may be others much less known and thus rather
irrelevant, like Beta for example which made my head spin) but I always
get overwhelmed by it all (small is beautiful IMHO).

Anyway, there are surely quite a few good things in the LISP world that
might perhaps be possible to steal into the Squeak world. I hate
"featuritis" like anyone, especially in a language, but it is possible
to add stuff to Squeak without having to resort to changing the

Exceptions is a good example I think - sure, I don't know what it took
under the covers to get them in, but from a developer's view it's just
plain objects and messages. So that addition was a good example of
getting a good "language feature" into Squeak/Smalltalk without adding
to the language.

Enough blabbering, over to you LISPers - what could/should we steal? Or
is there nothing good worth stealing?

regards Göran

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