HooRay! iPAQ Squeaking!

Craig Latta craig.latta at netjam.org
Wed Apr 17 07:38:30 UTC 2002

Hi Russell--

	Yay! :)

> I haven't had any luck getting the VM to run my standard image (it
> just quits without an error message).  Is this a memory issue or
> something else?

	It's probably a memory issue. How big is your image? How much iPAQ RAM
do you have? (If you're feeling bold and have a desktop or laptop win32
machine, the wince remote debugger is actually decent.)

> Is it possible to go "Full screen" under WinCE, or must I put up with
> the little bar down the bottom of the screen?

	Using GAPI is one way to get that. :)  I personally like having
convenient host OS controls. Screen real estate is much less an issue
with virtual desktop software (e.g., NVD from nyditot.com). With that I
have no problem with large windows/fonts; they just get zoomed/scrolled.
I'm writing an equivalent thing in Squeak, by the way.

> What do other squeakers with iPAQs use them for?

	I use it as a musical instrument, and as an impromptu development/demo

	Get some sleep! :)


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