Can Squeak talk to Google ?

Masashi Umezawa umejava at
Wed Apr 17 16:47:59 UTC 2002


If you are planning to use SoapOpera 0.5beta2 to invoke Google API,  the
answer is unfortunately NO.
(Precisely, it would be possible to invoke "doSpellingSuggestion" operation
only, but this may be not what you would like to do).

I've seen the Google API's WSDL, and found that it includes complex nested
Currently, SoapOpera 0.5 does not fully support "standard" SOAP Encoding. It
can only use SRP and Squeak specific encoding when passing complex data.

But I'll add full SOAP Encoder/Decoder in the near future. (And write Google
API client sample).

Implementations for Google API. (no Smalltalk) ;-<

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> Just wondering if anyone has taken a look at
> the Google API.
> A bunch of links can be found at:
> -Andy-

[:masashi | ^umezawa]

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