Adding new pre made shape to NKLineEndConstraintMorph

John Hinsley johnhinsley at
Wed Apr 17 17:06:26 UTC 2002

For reasons I can't understand, let alone explain, it's become necessary to
introduce a new shape to Ned's Connectors: a sort of crows foot to represent
one-to-many relationships (my plea "can't we just use a dot, for chrissakes?"
has fallen on deaf ears -- the examiners may not understand it, or be allowed
to act as though they did!).

This is a bit embarrasing, so please be gentle: I can get the menu as I want
it, I can write a new method, but I'm having trouble getting my head round (I'm
using the openArrowheadShape as a model) exactly what the vertices refer to.

The important code (essentially I need to flip the open arrow head)
seem to be:

^(PolygonMorph vertices: { 0 at 0 . 6 at 15 . 12 at 0  }

I'd welcome an explanation of what these actually refer to (trying to finesse
it isn't working out!).

I've always had problems trying to draw shapes programmatically!



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