HooRay! iPAQ Squeaking!

Ohshima, Yoshiki Yoshiki.Ohshima at disney.com
Wed Apr 17 23:57:19 UTC 2002

  Russell and other iPAQuerkers,

> *  Haven't yet looked into Genie, been too happy playing around with
> full cursive recognition - just like being back in Newtonland, but
> clunkier.

  It has got a built in GeniePlugin.  I'm not so sure how
well the primitive and the Squeak Genie are in sync, but
Nathanael tested it and it was working:-)

> * Is it possible to go "Full screen" under WinCE, or must I put up with
> the little bar down the bottom of the screen?

  If I remember correctly, you can't go to full screen mode
with nonGAPI VM.  However, there is no technical reason.  It 
should be possible to allow full screen mode with little VM

> * The speed of the software is suprisingly fast - I was bracing myself
> for something much slower!

  And XScale PDAs are coming very soon...

> * What do other squeakers with iPAQs use them for?

  Now and then, we use it for our internal projects to
mockup things from a kind of photo stand to future PDA.

-- Yoshiki

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