Can Squeak easily function as a web form handler and similar?

Randy Siler rsiler at
Wed Apr 17 20:33:15 UTC 2002

If any of you can easily speak to any of these questions I'd very much
appreciate hearing from you.

1. I really need to be building a few simple web applications for my
department and I would love to use Squeak (because it seems so incredibly
elegant and powerful). These apps would be very very simple. Most are just
some variation of handle the form data from a web form, maybe do a little
"business logic" on it, write some of it to a file or put a record  in
FileMaker Pro via say AppleScript, and maybe send a mail confirmation.

Can anyone say, "Sure, don't worry, Squeak can do all of that for you easily
and dependably...go ahead and jump in..."

More specifically, are these things easy to learn and do?

I've tried to find these answers by reading and browsing but I don't know
enough to have confidence in what I find.

Thanks very much in advance,

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