[BUG][?] SketchMorph with transparency and "smooth image"

Yisrael Lowenstein gte356h at prism.gatech.edu
Thu Apr 18 01:13:51 UTC 2002

> The transparent areas now show up as black, rather than transparent.
> However, if you query them as to their color they say that they're
> transparent. Which would indicate that the problem comes when the
> form is being drawn.

I think there is a general problem with transparency  and forms...a few
weeks ago, I had the problem that when I veiwed  32-bit BMPs, the forms
were showing up correctly, butwere answering that they were transparent
when I asked for their colorAt:.  Someone sent me a fix to the
24Bit-something or other method in how it was reading in forms and that
fixed it...but I think that that fix wass just changing the way it was
read in...I don't know...it just seems that forms are acting funky
sometimes when it comes to transparency...

hmmm...don't know if that was a help or not...hope it was..

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