Call for Action! ...or "The Holy Crusade Against Empty Class Comments"

John M McIntosh johnmci at
Thu Apr 18 08:17:12 UTC 2002

>Should I whip up some code to produce the tables for the Swiki as my
>little plan suggests?
>regards, G–ran

Mmm you should read the man pages in os-x then review the code then 
wonder why someone hasn't updated the 20 year old comment to match 
the current code base.

however I digress.

Are you saying we could stick all the comments (all, current 
obsolete/broken ones, missing) on a swiki somewhere (arranged by some 
magical structure) where many could visit and write/fix/update from 
time to time, then these get rolled into changesets from time to time 
and roll back into the update stream?

mmm pulling the ones from VW-NC might be interesting just to enable a 

Mmm having a few standards is helpful. Like how to create an viable 
instance of this class (if appropriate) IE VMMakerTool has a comment 
like that. It make it easy, visit the comment, do it on the example.

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