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Cees de Groot cg at cdegroot.com
Thu Apr 18 10:16:49 UTC 2002

Lex Spoon <lex at cc.gatech.edu> said:
>I regularly see 0% usage by idle Squeak servers on Linux, to the
>precision that "top" reports.
I just built the SourceForge VM on Linux, but it still exhibits the
gettimeofday() problem. These calls eat quite a bit of CPU time on my
PII/400 (my work image sits on 18.5% with the VM from st.uiuc.edu, and
the SourceForge VM makes no difference there)... 

I measure 1034 gettimeofday() calls per second. Now, I understand that the VM
wants to know what time it is, but this is exaggerating it ;-)

When using ITIMER I get a VM that's way snappier, and much lower on CPU usage.
AFAICT, the only issue is with profiling, but that's not something the
majority uses. Therefore, wouldn't be an idea to make this the default (and do
an autoconf option '--with-profiling' that uses gettimeofday())?

(It is strange, by the way, how CPU usage is bouncing up and down. From
the first paragraph to here, my main (3.2 uiuc) squeak image went down to
an average of 1.5% CPU time (from 18.5%). Now it's up to 16% again. What
could be causing these fluctuations?)

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