Proposal for TWO official releases

Cees de Groot cg at
Thu Apr 18 12:48:15 UTC 2002

 <goran.hultgren at> said:
>Different "configurations" of Squeak will become much more a reality
>when modules are starting to work as intended. In the modules model a
>"configuration" of Squeak - what you call a release - will be just
>another module.
Well, that's a possible (and likely) technical implementation of a principle.
As such it is secondary to the principle: we could do the multiple
distributions trick right now. 

>You also mentioned some form of portal for finding Squeak stuff - I have
>some code in the works. I call it SqueakMap and will post what I have
>shortly. It's an apt-get kindof-thingy (as in Debian) which maintains a
>local mirror (using incremental gzipped updates - very low bandwidth) of
>a central module meta-card-repository. It's pretty nice actually.
I was more referring to extending the current focus of to be a bit
more portal-like: a well-maintained collection of information pointing to the
various distributions, documentation, related projects, etcetera. Plus room
for individual developers to do their thang (actually a lot like,
which I really like and I could set it up in a matter of hours).

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