Proposal for TWO official releases

goran.hultgren at goran.hultgren at
Thu Apr 18 14:43:28 UTC 2002

cg at (Cees de Groot) wrote:
>  <goran.hultgren at> said:
> >Different "configurations" of Squeak will become much more a reality
> >when modules are starting to work as intended. In the modules model a
> >"configuration" of Squeak - what you call a release - will be just
> >another module.
> >
> Well, that's a possible (and likely) technical implementation of a principle.
> As such it is secondary to the principle: we could do the multiple
> distributions trick right now. 

Yes, we could. But it would probably involve much more work to keep it
all "in synch".
I vote against it but hey, nobody is stopping anyone as usual. :-) The
multiple distro idea sounds too much like "forking" to me and I am very
much against that because the community doesn't have the muscles to
handle it yet. But when we have modules it's another story!

> >You also mentioned some form of portal for finding Squeak stuff - I have
> >some code in the works. I call it SqueakMap and will post what I have
> >shortly. It's an apt-get kindof-thingy (as in Debian) which maintains a
> >local mirror (using incremental gzipped updates - very low bandwidth) of
> >a central module meta-card-repository. It's pretty nice actually.
> >
> I was more referring to extending the current focus of to be a bit
> more portal-like: a well-maintained collection of information pointing to the
> various distributions, documentation, related projects, etcetera. Plus room
> for individual developers to do their thang (actually a lot like,
> which I really like and I could set it up in a matter of hours).

Hmmm, it would feel like treason :-) , but sure - I second any and all
attempts to make anything better - but if you want to put hours into
this, go ahead and synch it with Russell and other relevant parties so
that we don't just create another place on the net that does not get
updated... ;-) 

regards, Göran

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