New DynaSqueak contender?

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I use my Palm constantly, my wife uses hers, and my college-student son
couldn't go a day without his.  I've read a number of books using my Palm,
too, and follow a number of news sites on it via AvantGo.  But I wouldn't
have wanted to learn Engineering with it as my primary textbook, nor would I
try to teach more than a few elementary-school subjects on a Palm-sized
screen (assuming the availability of suitably formatted textbooks).

As a productivity tool, the OQO looks promising, but I can't quite see it as
something the New York City public school system, for example, would
consider as a potential textbook replacement, which I believe was part of
the original Dynabook vision.  In my mind, that would require a display
large enough for at least a few paragraphs at a time to be displayed at a
readable size, and that, I think, would require a display about the size of
a paperback book at minimum.


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> Gary Fisher <gafisher at> said:
> >Windows is like the photo that came with your wallet; it demonstrates the
> >concept but should be replaced with something real (say, Linux in this
> >once you've bought it.
> LOL. May I put that in my personal fortune cookie file?
> >The display size, however, would be a limitation --
> >imagine using a textbook printed on playing cards.
> >
> It's called a Palm, and I've read lots of books with it ;-)
> (my wife likes my Palm a lot - she can continue doing sensible things,
> sleeping, while I'm doing my bedtime reading with the backlight on).
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