Proposal for TWO official releases

goran.hultgren at goran.hultgren at
Thu Apr 18 15:53:09 UTC 2002

cg at (Cees de Groot) wrote:
>  <goran.hultgren at> said:
> >Hmmm, it would feel like treason :-) , but sure - I second any and all
> >attempts to make anything better - but if you want to put hours into
> >this, go ahead and synch it with Russell and other relevant parties so
> >that we don't just create another place on the net that does not get
> >updated... ;-) 
> >
> The whole idea of things like is to make sure that everyone can
> update it, so it gets updated all the time. It's a sort of Wiki on steroids
> with a bit of editorial control (many shared resources, like projects,
> documentation, etcetera, require editorial approval before they are included
> in the search engine's catalogues - they are still available from members'
> homepages before that, so that sounds entirely reasonable).

Ok, as long as:
- It doesn't compete with the Swiki. We don't need another such place.
The Swiki is somewhat "messy" but it IS "The Squeak Swiki" so to speak.
- It doesn't compete with the mailinglist. In my SqueakDot "project" I
take great care in not trying to do something that these two resources
(swiki + list) does very good already. Thus - no discussions or "swiki
features" on SqueakDot.

If these two resources are still "unchallenged" - go for it!

Hey, let's not forget by the way. Hmmm, it has
discussions and personally I think that is a "mistake" - but otherwise
it's a very nice webified reference site for Squeak. + + your Zope-idea should IMHO be
merged into one very nice portal site situated at with
clean look and that includes what these sites include today (minus
discussions/forums I think). Consolidation! And then this new site
should have ALL good sites listed about Squeak.

Or am I wrong? It has been known to happen... ;-)

regards, Göran

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