[3.2.gamma][documentation][tutorial] (was: Re: Who has no job?)

Hannes Hirzel hannes.hirzel.squeaklist at bluewin.ch
Thu Apr 18 18:37:40 UTC 2002

cg at cdegroot.com (Cees de Groot) wrote:
> Hannes Hirzel <hannes.hirzel.squeaklist at bluewin.ch> said:
> >I downloaded the zip file and unpacked it with curiosity. But what did I
> >see, I dare not to spell it -  a M S W O R D file. I'd expected a
> >BookMorph. 
> >
> If you're thinking about writing for publication (that's when publishers take
> your stuff and print it and glue it all together and put it in dusty old
> things called 'bookstores' ;-)), you are probably not going to get far when
> you say "oh, and I'll supply my copy in the form of a BookMorph"...

Yes, of course a publisher who does a printed book has no use for
BookMorphs. But who says we should go for a paper book? Aren't we in the
DaynaBook business? 

Believe it or not: there are publishers who produce multimedia titles on
CDROMs. Normally they are sold in paper packages about 4cm thick with
nice color pictures on them to make people feel they are really buying

Even the Squeakfoundation or SqueakNews could do  such a thing with
incredibly low production costs for the non-authoring part (or perhaps
just wrapped in an envelope you can send by air-mail).

A paper book for explaining Squeak is just not the right thing.... They
are outdated before they hit the shelves. They are relatively expensive
to produce and the author does not gain any money (which just says it
doesn't make any difference for the author). A CD with a couple of
images preloaded by the one or two dozen authors of goodies, addons,
tutorials  and experiments for 3.2. would be a great thing. Why not make
use of incredible volunteering work which has been done in the last few
years? A CD can have a ISBN number as well, so it will be a work you can
include in your publication list. And a paper book often contains
chapters I'm not interested in at all. 


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