[OT] LaTeX/TeX (was: Who has not job?)

Stephen Pair spair at advantive.com
Thu Apr 18 17:55:54 UTC 2002

Speaking of LaTeX/TeX...I have a question for those familiar with these

A while back, I wanted to write some documentation, but I wanted that
documentation to be available in a variety of formats, including HTML,
PS, PDF, etc.  I looked at the linux documentation project and they seem
to use a thing called DocBook, which appears to be an SGML (and XML)
grammer for writing documents.

My question is this: What is the best (and preferrably free) tool for
doing such a thing (doesn't have to be DocBook, but I want to write once
and generate the other formats that I need without worrying about
formatting and such)?  The tool doesn't have to be pretty, but it would
be nice if it could display the formatted document as it is being

I tried playing with some tools, but there are lots of them and they all
seemed to complex to grasp in a few minutes...so, I'm just seeking some
guidance from anyone that knows in order to avoid wasting time learning
tools that are not up to the task.


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> Kevin Fisher <kgf at golden.net> wrote:
> > Perhaps this is slightly OT, but speaking of publishers and 
> formats... 
> > does anyone know how publishers feel about LaTeX/TeX?  PDF?  Or do 
> > they all expect Word format?
> The large science books publishers like Addison Wesley, 
> Prentice Hall etc. accept LaTeX/TeX.

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