New DynaSqueak contender?

Alan Kay Alan.Kay at
Thu Apr 18 20:34:09 UTC 2002

Why are they so heavy? Chuck Thacker's Tablet for MS has a full sized 
display, big disk, etc., is also a Crusoe, and is only 3 lbs.




At 12:12 PM -0700 4/18/02, Eric Dorman wrote:
>Bijan Parsia wrote:
>>""" When the $1,000 Ultra-Personal Computer hits stores this fall or winter,
>>it will operate as a stand-alone wireless handheld computer, akin to a
>>Palm, the company said. Or it can be used as a "modular PC" that connects
>>to a full-size keyboard, mouse and monitor to replace a desktop PC."""
>>Ok, battery life and XPness suck, but still!
>I actively use this device with Squeak on the Midori Linux version: 
>Works like a charm.  See also to get them
>cheaper.  Biggest annoyance is the lack of VGA output.
>Eric Dorman


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