New DynaSqueak contender?

Eric Dorman dormane at
Thu Apr 18 19:57:50 UTC 2002

Alan Kay wrote:

> Why are they so heavy? Chuck Thacker's Tablet for MS has a full sized 
> display, big disk, etc., is also a Crusoe, and is only 3 lbs.
> Cheers,
> Alan

I don't know what the case is made of on that tablet; it might be
plastic or plastic/metal.  The Aquapad is magnesium alloy for both
upper and lower shells and is quite solid; easily disassembled.  Maybe
there is some other weight-saving magic in the MS tablet?

I played with a Fujitsu Stylistic 3500 with 10.4" lcd that clocks
in at ~3.2lbs but it didn't feel as solidly built; I think it has a
metal subframe and plastic shell.  It didn't feel like something I
could just chuck into my briefcase like the Aqua.

Eric Dorman

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