How to re-use image segments? Or should I use projects?

Ned Konz ned at
Thu Apr 18 21:03:32 UTC 2002

It's possible to store projects as image segments on disk. Presumably 
when you do this, it leaves the various pointers into the project as 

How is it possible to use these same (Project) image segments from 
multiple images (not at the same time)?

I'd like to use these as the basis for a file storage scheme for an 

I suppose another possibility is to use the *.pr files, but I haven't 
figured out how to have one of these replace an existing project in 
an image.

Perhaps the answer to the two is the same; I understand that the 
project files contain an image segment (though compressed) as well as 

I've recently added support to the ZipArchive classes for prepending 
data (which is allowed in the Zip spec, and is the basis for 
self-extracting executables). I figure I can make a clickable, 
executable .pr file under Unix by sticking a bit of shell script at 
the beginning of the file that will start up Squeak and load the 

However, I've been finding that the newly loaded project gets read in 
as a copy. Maybe this is no problem (I can enforce the saving of the 
project at shutdown time).

Which would you use (image segments or project files) as the basis for 
file saving in a project-centric application?

Ned Konz

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