[Q] Morph with drop area larger than itself

Martin Drautzburg martin.drautzburg at web.de
Thu Apr 18 21:18:55 UTC 2002

I want a Morph with a larger dropArea around it. I tried the following

(1) A SimpleButtonMorph with a *larger* transparent Rectangle
    submorph. This basically works, except for the Layouts. With a
    TableLayout the Rectange won't draw *around* the Button
    anymore. Also it seems to me that submorphs are ment to be
    *inside* of their owning morphs.

(2) A transparent RectangleMorph with a smaller Button inside. Then
    the mouse events will go to the Button first. However I want to be
    able to drop things no matter if the mouse is over the Button or
    the Rectangle. I donÄt know how to do this.

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