FW: Who has no job? (was Re: O'Reilly Squeak book?)

Torsten.Bergmann at phaidros.com Torsten.Bergmann at phaidros.com
Fri Apr 19 10:03:15 UTC 2002

>I downloaded the zip file and unpacked it with curiosity. But what did
>see, I dare not to spell it -  a M S W O R D file. I'd expected a
>BookMorph. I remember you having done nice BookMorphs in the past at a
>time it was very risky to do because things were changeing constantly.
>But now Morphic is rather stable and I do not see why we shouldn't use
>the new 'Dynamic medium'. Speaking of personal dynamic medium and them
>coming up with a clumsy Word file is a contractitio in adjecto.
>So my suggestion: Convert the content (which is fine) to a BookMorph.

Unfortunately you are not (yet) able to convert a book morph into a PDF,
but as you said we are able to convert the MSWord file into a book 
morph later.

>BTW: Under which license do you intend to distribute the book?

Since the book is mostly a conversion of Swiki Pages into a 
book form I want to keep it free. 
People should be able to download it for free from the Squeak 
Homepage and learn (like the SelfHTML guide and other open source
tutorials). This should help more people discovering the dynamic 
nature of Squeak. Creating a book is very time consuming - therefore
I think all Squeakers should collaborate on writing it.

Another idea was to create a swiki for such a collaborative book
with access permission for selected Squeak authors. Theses authors 
should use a common style and the swiki is structured like
the book. So we should be able to dynamically generate the book from 
the Swiki pages and keep the PDF as well as the book morph up to date
with the online book about Squeak. We should also be able to provide
an online-help for Squeak with that.
Unfortunately I cant host a Swiki ...


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