straw-man 3.2 default preferences

Henrik Gedenryd h.gedenryd at
Fri Apr 19 11:20:42 UTC 2002

> (restartAlsoProceeds true)

I suggest that this should be off by default. When it is off, you can easily
proceed by issing a cmd-P, but when it is on, you cannot obtain the opposite
effect. It is also more helpful to beginners not to immediately proceed.
Currently it is "true" because that is how it used to be when this
improvement didin't exist, and I don't think that is a higher priority.

> (alternativeScrollbarLook true)
> (roundedMenuCorners true)
> (roundedWindowCorners true)

I suggest that all of these should have the effect of setting rounded
corners not to be used. It is far from obvious to beginners that these hog a
lot of performance. On the other hand, the added value of having rounded
corners is--well I just don't know any but there has to be something I'm

I assume that Doug's menu improvements have gone in, I haven't used 3.2g in
a while.


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