SORE doesn't work when moving image from Linux->Windows

Ned Konz ned at
Fri Apr 19 15:13:30 UTC 2002

On Friday 19 April 2002 07:50 am, Cees de Groot wrote:

> The VM's refused to startup my Linux image. Until I noted the
> hashbang prefix on the linux image, copied the image with dd
> stripping of the first 512 bytes, and everything worked.

I just noticed this with a fresh Unix VM from Sourceforge and the most 
recent 3.1a Windows VM I could find (from in the 
3.1/win32 directory).

It's really a pain. Later tonight I'm going to try this with a Mac, 
and I hope it works... I'm going to do a demo for the Seattle 
Robotics Society if I can, on a friend's Mac laptop (thanks to Dave 
Hylands, who's giving me a ride down there).

Ned Konz

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