[BUG] fetchDocumentation / broadcastDocumentation doesn't work in 3.3a

Ned Konz ned at bike-nomad.com
Fri Apr 19 16:03:38 UTC 2002

After noticing that 3.2g had serious problems with the "fetch 
documentation" choice in the shifted browser menu, I decided to try 
it in 3.3a. At least I didn't get a walkback when I tried to fetch 
it. Instead I was given a little playfield in which to put my docs. 
Great! So I typed some description in, then hunted around under 
playfield options and found "broadcast documentation", and then it 
tried to FTP it to ftp://ftp.cs.uiuc.edu/incoming . However, 
accessing that directory gets a "550 No such directory" error.

Seems like we might want to make this documentation collection 
actually work, no? Or get rid of that menu choice.

Ned Konz

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