straw-man 3.2 default preferences

Ned Konz ned at
Fri Apr 19 16:46:50 UTC 2002

On Friday 19 April 2002 09:28 am, Ken G. Brown wrote:

> (collapseWindowsInPlace true) -> false

I agree.

> (cpuWatcherEnabled false) -> true

Hmm... I guess there's been times when I've found this useful. But I 
never remember to turn it on. Do you find that leaving it on helps 
you in normal situations? It does eat a tiny bit of performance.

> (menuKeyboardControl false) -> true

Yes, definitely.

> (scrollBarsNarrow false) -> true

Kinda depends on resolution and screen size. I run my screen at 1400+ 
pixels wide usually, and the narrow scroll bars are too hard to hit.

Ned Konz

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