straw-man 3.2 default preferences

Doug Way dway at
Fri Apr 19 17:46:11 UTC 2002

"Ken G. Brown" wrote:
> Perhaps the following changes from Scott's list:
> (cautionBeforeClosing false) -> true

Hmm, this one might be overkill.  I don't think there are any UI's that do this by default when closing windows, for example.

> (cpuWatcherEnabled false) -> true

A while ago there was an issue with the ProcessBrowser having the CPUWatcher enabled by default, which people didn't seem to like, so it was changed to not be on by default.  So, changing this might not be a popular choice.

> (menuKeyboardControl false) -> true

Yes, good catch.

> (scrollBarsNarrow false) -> true

Hmm, I think you'll find some disagreement on this one.  My main problem with the narrow scrollbars is that I think they're ugly (the little arrow barely fits on the button).  But I'd also argue that the wide scrollbars are more beginner-friendly... they're about the same width as scrollbars in most other user interfaces.

- Doug Way
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