How to bring EToys across - any info/outlines/guidelines?

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Fri Apr 19 18:14:19 UTC 2002

At 11:10 AM -0700 4/19/02, Bruce Cohen wrote:
>This may be at an angle to what you want to do, but I've been 
>playing with Boxer lately, as a result of reading  diSessa's book 
>"Changing Minds" a few weeks ago.  The whole point of Boxer and Logo 
>before it is to provide a way for schoolchildren to learn about 
>computing by doing it, and many of the techniques they use should be 
>adaptable to EToys.  You might get some ideas for workshop projects 
>from the teaching projects that have been developed for these 
>languages.  Try the following sites as a start

Oops, sorry, forgot to paste in the other URL.  It's the online 
publications index for the Logo Foundation.

>It shouldn't be hard to write a Logo or Boxer interpreter for 
>Squeak, in fact, I've been wondering how difficult it would be to 
>write a BoxerMorph as a Project subclass, so you would have an 
>entire Boxer environment built on Squeak.  It's on my list to look 
>into soon.

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