straw-man 3.2 default preferences

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Fri Apr 19 18:26:04 UTC 2002

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> > (cpuWatcherEnabled false) -> true
> Hmm... I guess there's been times when I've found this useful. But I 
> never remember to turn it on. Do you find that leaving it on helps 
> you in normal situations? It does eat a tiny bit of performance.

Lately I've been working with several processes going at the same time that
have occasionally gotten away on me so that I couldn't interrupt, had to
quit without saving, then retrieve changes from the changes file. However,
now that I have the cpuWatcher enabled all the time, it somtimes comes up
with indications it has suspended some process or other (nil was one) that
does not show up in the list, asks if I want to debug at a lower priority, I
say yes, nothing happens. This could be confusing and disturbing for new

By the way, what is the easiest way to run through the list of active
processes, determine which ones are due to my own processes, and terminate
them. I know how to terminate them if within a method that knows about them,
but sometimes I get in a state where I have to manually go through the
Process Browser and terminate the leftover ones. Would like to make a button
to clean up my orphaned processes but do not know how.

> Ned Konz

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