straw-man 3.2 default preferences

Doug Way dway at
Fri Apr 19 19:34:35 UTC 2002

Jesse Welton wrote:
> > (abbreviatedBrowserButtons false)
> > (optionalButtons true)
> There doesn't seem to be much controversy over the settings of these
> preferences, which is good.  I think they should be reclassified while
> we're at the task of setting the defaults, though.  Currently,
> optionalButtons is in "general", when it should rather be in
> "browsing" and "debug"; and abbreviateBrowserButtons is just in
> "browsing" and should also be in "debug".  (They *could* both be
> classified in "browsing" only, but "debug" is also appropriate because
> they both affect the debugger window as well.)

On a related note, menuKeyboardControl should certainly be added under the "menu" category.  (It could be removed from the "morphic" category, or left there, I don't have a strong opinion on that.)

There are probably some other classification improvements which could be made if we look hard enough. :)

- Doug Way
  dway at

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