Call for Action! ...or "The Holy Crusade Against Empty Class Comments"

R Allan Baruz squeakacct at
Fri Apr 19 20:36:10 UTC 2002

On Friday, April 19, 2002, at 04:11  AM, goran.hultgren at 

> Well, what I meant was that the loop isn't "complete" yet. If I want to
> see the comments on your site I need to surf there or have some
> mechanism in the image which fetches the comment from there, which
> wouldn't work if I was unconnected.

> I think that would be a waste. Hmmm. How do we close the loop then?
> Could you include some form of "checkbox" somewhere on each comment so
> that harvesters could just go in, read some comments and if they/we
> think they look like a nice improvement then we check them off and your
> server bundles them all up in one single cs.gz that we could download
> and mail to Dan (or whoever is in charge of receiving the harvested
> bundles at the time). And then you would "mark" those comments as being
> "HARVESTED" or something.

How about a second info pane in the browser for public comments? Then 
you could just copy and paste between your own copy and the public copy, 
and not require a net connection.

R Allan Baruz

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