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Hannes Hirzel hannes.hirzel.squeaklist at bluewin.ch
Sat Apr 20 01:40:40 UTC 2002

Martin McClure <martin at hand2mouse.com> wrote:
> At 5:38 PM -0400 4/19/02, Swan, Dean wrote:
> >This topic comes up every once-in-a while.  It seems that the 
> >consensus always comes up that the mailing list is the preferred 
> >format and news groups attract too much spam.  This would be my 
> >position as well.  The lists are archived, so those who don't wish 
> >to, or are unable to deal with the mail volume can go to the 
> >archives.
> That's my recollection of previous discussions also: That none of the 
> existing discussion forums would benefit from being split, that a 
> mailing list was preferred over a newsgroup anyway, and therefore 
> that a Squeak newsgroup would be a step *away* from the ideal.

I prefer keeping the mailing list as well. My main argument: I switched
using Celester some weeks ago and I like to stay in the Squeak
when communicating with my Squeak colleagues. The collection of mails
will develop in a offline support database when indexed properly with
tags and
keywords (however full text search is allways possible) and I like the
that I can execute code snippets directly from the mail reader. I
consider this
to be unique (world-wide; or does anybody know of another system which
this?).  Functionally the mailing list plus the archives 
is equivalent to a newsgroup isn't it?


P.S. This assumes that you know how to set up incoming filters in your
preferred mail reader or that you set up a mail account just for
participating on the Squeak list while using Celeste as I do at the

To sum up:
Main argument against newsgroup:
The mailing list is better integrated in the Squeak developing process.

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