straw-man 3.2 default preferences

Jesse Welton jwelton at
Sat Apr 20 13:27:04 UTC 2002

Gary Fisher wrote:
> New users, especially those working independently, may well find it very
> frustrating to have to sleuth out even such basic functions as system
> preferences.  A balance must be struck between serendipity and simplicity;
> Maarten's recent proposal re tutorial active essays may be the most
> promising answer.

Yes, I think this is a fine idea.  It's clearly the best response to
concerns that the preferences must be just right, because it could be
ages before new users finally stumble upon the preferences.  I wrote a
short active essay introducing the preferences a touch over a year
ago, with just this in mind.  It never made it into the image <sigh>,
but it's still on BSS (look for  Will
it still load?  Will it still work?  Is it sufficiently up-to-date?
Is it sufficiently well-written?  The answers to these questions and
more are left as an exercise for the reader.


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