fw: [gemstone-smalltalk] GemStone source code management toolkit available on SourceForge]

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Sat Apr 20 15:39:05 UTC 2002

Possibly of interest to some Squeakers.

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GemStone has decided to place its Source Code Management toolkit into the
public domain. We did this at the request of customers wanting to replace
the ENVY shared repository and version management with other mechanisms,
such as StORE. You can find it at:

Here's the brief description:
SCM (aka GemKit) provides source version control for GemStone/S. GS/S source
code is stored in an ENVY repository. Changes made in the client development
environment are automatically propagated to GS/S and optionally to the
client execution environment.

We have not placed any restriction on the use of this code. Feel free to use
it, enhance it, even sell or distribute it. We hope you will let this forum
know if you create useful modifications.

One of the forum members, Boris Popov, has already made a good deal of
progress towards a StORE implementation. I'll let Boris speak to his plans
for the code. He may be reached at popov at shaw.ca


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