Martin Drautzburg martin.drautzburg at
Sun Apr 21 22:55:57 UTC 2002

jennyw <jennyw at> writes:

> Nontheless, it kind of spooked me to learn that if an instance variable
> received its value from a string literal (e.g. via an accessor or in
> initialization) that the value of that variable could change if someone
> typed something like 'string' at: 1 put: $x.
> Any comments?
> Thanks!
> Jen

I hope I pushed the right buttons. Here's what I get:

>From The Workspace
        A := 'squeak'.
        'squeak' At: 6 Put: $l.
        Transcript Show: A; Cr

It Prints 
        In Smalltalk/X: "Squeak"
        In Squeak:      "Squeal"
        In Visualage    I Get A PrimitiveError 

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